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The Story Behind Our Marketing Club

Hello from the other side. My name is Marcela Kotrcova and I am a professional Tiktok & Marketing advisor who gained 50K followers in 9 months by creating funny content with focus on personal development to inspire kids & teens. This was my connection with teens after the Covid19 hit. Instead of serving & helping one to one, I became serving one to many.

Currently living in a small European country called Czech Republic, where I hold regularly Tiktok meetings on Zoom with the fans. Now more than 400 kids and teens have already participated. This is a great way how YOU can also grow your mailing list and get connected with your audience + turn them into buyers. My motto is: „Laugh and get rich with Tiktok“
My first client grew from 0-100K in 3 months and had a conversion just in one week. It’s rare but it happens.  

After 13 years in the USA, where I earned a marketing degree from FIU, I returned back to Europe to grow in a smaller community. I have been involved in many projects and businesses that required the owners to step out of their comfort zone and speak up in front of camera to build their brand. Will teach you all the secrets and tips how to communicate and gain immediate attention. There is a psychology behind it that you need to know, just like the most successful TEDx speakers and public speakers follow.

If you are ready to win, no matter what language you want to use to create, no matter what age you are, no matter what gender or believe you have, I am here to help you, understand you and succeed on Tiktok.

Looking forward to work with you.

…..and I am never done Tiktok-ing and Clubhouse-ing

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